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Summer is the time children love to run and play outside. When evening comes the sun descending over the horizon is about the only reason they finally decide to abandon their outdoor games of hide and seek, jungle gyms, and bike riding to finally come inside. One evening it struck me, as I watched our kids come in from the reaches of our little hobby farm and retire to the chairs around the patio table. We needed something more than just the little light outside, mounted on the wall by the backdoor, to light this area. With the warm days, we hated to tear the kids away to spend a little time on reading books or for family games. So taking advantage of the warm evenings outside seemed like a great idea. We definitely needed a light that would be large enough to hang over our table and that would shed plenty of light. With some looking, and outdoor chandelier came to my attention.

The Royce chandelier had six separate lights. With the capability of handling up to 60 watts per socket, it seemed like the logical choice. Other outdoor chandelier lighting that caught my interest included units with shades and ones that matched various themes. I have long been a lover of the antique Spanish flavor. One supplier even had a choice of several outdoor style collections that matched a wide variety of exterior designs.

outdoor chandelierWith some help from Dad, and a little bit of work, our new outdoor chandelier soon was hanging over our table area. I could hardly wait for the evening shadows to stretch across the lawn. Fairly soon all of our children were sitting on the deck. Then they noticed the new light fixture and the stack of games on the table. Being Friday night, we spent several hours playing pick up sticks, Mouse Trap, checkers, and Buckaroo. Buckaroo, for our younger kids, is the model of a mule with several items to place on his pack saddle. If you push too hard as you put the items on the saddle the mule gives a great big buck, sending all of the pack items flying!

?Our new outdoor chandelier made our evening last long after the sun receded. It also allowed us to spend valuable time with our kids and a lot less time with the thing that sits in our living room called a T.V.

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