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It’s the time of the year to start getting out the patio furniture. Which means it’s also a great time to clean up and get some more propane for the grill and start enjoying some outdoor grilling. First thing first, though, you have to get that patio ready for summer. This is easy enough with the right equipment and a little know-how.

First of all, use or rent a pressure washer to get all of the dirt and mildew off of the surface. If you do not have a pressure washer, get a strong-bristled brush and work the surface with plenty of water and some commercially available deck cleaner. If you have any rust stains from leaving your patio furniture out, use Calcium Lime and Rust Cleaner and water to scrub off the rust stains. C.L.R Cleaner will also do a good job at removing many different discolorations from your concrete surface. To prevent your furniture from leaving rust stains, get a can of Krylon spray paint that matches the color of your furniture. Before painting any rusty areas, scrape off any surface rust and loose paint with a wire brush. Wipe off any shavings or dust with a clean towel and give the exposed surface a few heavy coats of paint.

Once you are done cleaning the patio, thoroughly rinse the entire area and allow it to dry completely. Once dry, seal the entire patio with Thompson’s Water Seal or any other sealer. Sealing the surface each year will protect your investment for years to come and makes cleanup a million times easier. It also keeps mildew from growing on the concrete.

Once your patio is looking great, its time to clean up your grill. First, steam clean your grill then test all of your propane hoses by turning on your full propane tank and spraying down all of the gas lines with a mixture of soap and water. Any leaks will cause the soap to bubble up. Replace any bad hoses and check your burners for wear or damage. Replace them if needed. Finally, turn the grill on, check the flames for consistent burning, and scrape down the grill surface with a heavy wire brush. You are now ready to start hosting your next outdoor party!

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