Does The Type Of BBQ Grill You Use Really Matter?

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For most people the BBQ is an item that sits in the corner and gets used on weekends and even then only when the sun is shining and the game is coming up. So does it really matter if you use a round BBQ from your local big box store or the top of the range Lynx Grills?

Well I suppose it depends on how serious you are about producing food that everyone will love each and every time and how much of it you need. If you are only making hamburgers for yourself then you can probably get by with one of those nasty black round BBQ’s that always look like they are 10 seconds away from collapse.

If on the other hand you are serious about not just making food for all the family and most likely at least a few of the neighbors then you really do need to look for something more substantial. For many men the weekend BBQ is a  important part of their traditions. You want the food to be good, but you also want to look majestic while making it.

lynx grillWhen you invite the local guys over to have some food, the kids play by the pool and then you all join for a nice beer or three. Be honest about this, you know you want them all to admire the hulking shiny stainless steel BBQ that you have built into the new patio bar area. Having family BBQ’s is all about having fun, good food in the fresh air. But there is a tiny part of it that is like a competition for most men.

No man wants to ever admit that size matters, but when it comes to using a BBQ Grill, size matters. How many BTU’s it uses and of course whether or not it is has a beautiful shine to it matters as well., but if you can impress the neighbors with the pure size of your grill you are instantly onto a winner..

So yes the type of BBQ grill you use does matter!

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