Don’t Make These 5 Common Mistakes When Planning Your Outdoor Living Area!

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In the home-building process, so much of your energy is devoted to construction and outfitting of the house itself. But your yard is important, too. You can make your outdoor living space a place for quiet reflection or a wonderful spot to entertain. Devising a plan that avoids these common mistakes will help you maximize your enjoyment in your home.

1. Putting it off

Many homeowners put off thinking about their outdoor living area when they are building their homes. They feel that they want to focus on the other aspects of their homes, and then they can worry about the outdoor area once their home is built. It’s true; it can sometimes be a bit too overwhelming or expensive to completely build out your outdoor living area when you’re building the rest of your home. But it is a good idea to at least keep in mind your future plans for your yard area when you are building your home, so that your builder can possibly incorporate any or the main features you want.

Ex: if you want a large backyard, your home can be built further to the front of your plot. Or if you want a rock wall, you can keep some of the rocks that might have been dug up during the excavation process of your build. You don’t have to plan out your entire outdoor area when you are building your home, but you will appreciate it later if you at least keep it in mind when you are going through the process of designing and building the rest of your home.

2. Hasty execution

Just like you don’t want to completely put off planning your area, you also don’t want to rush through it when you’re ready to start working on it. Don’t skimp on the effort spent planning your outdoor living area. Take the following steps to ensure that everything goes according to plan:

  • Dream of everything you want
  • Consider what benefits and drawbacks your yard presents
  • Draw your plans to-scale on paper
  • Imagine how your layout will be used
  • Contemplate the relationship between your house and outdoor space
  • Revise your plans based on obstacles you find
  • Execute your plans thoroughly and efficiently

You’re eager to get outside, it can be tempting to make a rough plan for your outdoor space, and then just go for it. But investing care in the planning process will lead to greater overall satisfaction.

3. Failing to check local codes before construction

Before you get too far into the planning stages for your outdoor living area, check local codes. Cities usually place limits on features that can pose danger, such as outdoor fire pits. If you will be setting up energy hookups for an outdoor kitchen, for example, you need to know what policies your city has for your area long before you hire contractors or start digging yourself. If you have a homeowner’s association, they may have specific rules regarding your choices and placement of equipment and furniture, especially areas that are visible from the street. Consult your handbook and follow the rules to avoid fines or possibly having to undo construction.

4. Building upwind from your house

Smoke and scent travel downwind, and you don’t want either of these in your home. When you are considering placement for a fire pit, grill, or other equipment that emits smoke, take care in your planning. Take a wooden stake with fabric or flexible plastic attached to the top end. Embed the stake in the ground and watch the way the wind blows for a few days. If the area is directly upwind from your house, it may not be the best choice.

5. Letting your eyes overload your yard

You finally have the home of your dreams. But will your yard accommodate the outdoor living space of your dreams? Be realistic about what you want and need from your yard, and make sure it reconciles with what you have. A well-planned patio can be a joy for entertaining or just sitting outside to watch the sunset. But a patio set that is too large for the space can be uncomfortable or even dangerous.

Devoting time into making your outdoor living area leads to great returns. Once you are sitting comfortable in your custom-designed space, you’ll be glad you took the extra effort to do it right.

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