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Even though grocery stores have morphed into super-super megamarts, there still remains only a limited amount of shelf space available for products to be displayed. This means that choices have to be made on which products to stock. While popularity has some weight in the equation, another factor is that many product manufacturers “rent” a portion of the store to display their wares on. Naturally, this tends to squeeze out smaller companies and newer products until they can really catch on.

When it comes to buying groceries online, such as barbecue sauces, these limitations do not apply. The online world has plenty of display space for every imaginable variation of BBQ sauce. Having access to these countless products that are often unheard of by typical shoppers turns the outdoor kitchen into a unique dining experience. Knowing how to grill is the simple part of the process. It is the selection of spices and sauces that makes outdoor cooking fun and inventive.

Anyone can slather on a coat of one of the major national brands of sauce, but what if you are in the mood for something different? Maybe the time has come to try breasts of chicken in Alabama White Barbecue Sauce. Are there any mustard-based South Carolina sauces on your grocery shelves? Trying out regional favorites is the creative part of outdoor grilling. There are many styles of barbecue that a lot of people have never heard of unless they live in a particular region of the country, or even of the world, when it comes to international barbecue recipes.

Of course the vast selection of sauces available online means that it is not always easy to find the exact one you are in the mood for. In order to get an overview of the various regional delicacies and some direct links to purchase from, one of the food aggregator sites is a good place to start looking.

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