Gravel, Grass, or Grout? Where do you put your Grill

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Everyone loves to grill in the summertime. Some of us keep our grills on our porches, others in our yards, but between May and September they are in full swing. Grilling builds community, whether that is within the neighborhood, or the family unit. Its value should not be underestimated. But, a dedicated griller already knows that. The only thing that reduces grilling seems to be the weather; and in my case, a disgusting backyard.

Renting a house means making a few sacrifices, and in my case that means sharing a yard with the downstairs neighbor. This guy has lived in the house for 13 years, giving him self-claimed authority. Unfortunately, he is also a hoarder, and this leads to quite a site. Let me give you a mental picture. To get into the yard, you push open the 6 foot tall wooden gate. It screeches as the bottom edge drags across the cement below. Then, carefully, one must dance around the dog poop that seems to appear every 2 hours (its occasionally kicked to the side by the dog owner). If you make it through that maze, the back yard awaits. Straight ahead is a boat, filled with potted plants that have been neglected. The boat has a mysterious 8 inch gash, an attempt to saw the entire thing in half. Surrounding it is a few sprinkles of trash, and a desperate lack of grass. After absorbing this view, one would look to the right. In view is a myriad of mismatching, half broken furniture, bordered by weeds growing around the house. There is a section of the yard with a fire ‘pit’ aka an ashen spot where on windless nights some sticks are lit up. If you do try to venture around, one must just be careful for the misplaced turds strewed about. There are three grills back there, but it takes some guts to get to use them.

So, why am I telling this sad tale? Only to emphasize and appreciate what most of readers hopefully have: a decent yard. But why settle for decent? If you have the power, take some time and make an incredible yard. Hillcrest Builders has helped many homeowners and homebuyers accomplish this. When sitting and grilling, it is critical to also have beautiful scenery to look upon. Rows of flowers, trimmed hedges, stone pathways, and maybe even a sandbox makes the time outside so much more pleasant. The grillmaster deserves a throne to be standing on, and great landscaping can create this.

This summer, lets all honor our grills and our grilling by improving at least one thing in our backyards. Mow your grass, plant some flowers, and even start your own garden. Speaker-stones are a cool addition to an already stunning yard. The satisfaction of grilling home grown veggies is amazing, not to mention very healthy. The environments that we live in should not be underestimated. That includes where you make and eat your food. So, take advantage of the wonderful summer season, and make your backyard a wonderland.

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