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The taste of your own home-grown, freshly grilled vegetables is something you won’t soon forget. Growing your own vegetables to grill on your outdoor grill is extremely easy. Most vegetables mature during prime grilling season so it’s a big win for everyone.

Vegetable Selection

Some great vegetables that are fantastic when grilled are:

Carrots – This is on vegetable that everyone loves. Grow baby carrots for fun grilling.

Corn – Start growing this early as you can and it will be ready for your summer bar-b-ques.

Cucumbers – Yep, grow cucumbers and slice them up and they’ll be great for some crunchy eating. You want to grow slicing cucumbers. Grow some of the different color ones for variety.

Onions – You have a huge selection to chose from onions. Your normal all-around slicing onion is one of the best for grilling. It gets soft and the taste jumps out when heated up.

Hot Peppers – Use hot peppers to really spice up your summer grilling. Once they are heated up you’ll notice they are hotter tasting than just plain jane peppers.

Sweet Peppers – You’ll love the taste that a grill brings out of these. Plus the yellow and reds are really nice looking when grilled.

Potatoes – Now here is your favorite vegetable with a twist. Leave the skin on and roast it well. New or baby potatoes work best and taste so much better when freshly grown.

Grilling Vegetables

All of the vegetables above can be grilled on your bar-b-que very simply. Pretty much wrap them in tin foil and place on the back of your grill and let them slowly cook.

The other way to grill these is slice them up and put them on a shish kabob. When cooking them this way, you’ll want to cook them on the back of the grill to start but about half-way thru, put them over the flame so they can really cook. Leaving them on the back just doesn’t see to be enough to cook them all the way thru.

I like to add any spices to them before wrapping them up. A little salt and pepper added before cooking will really set the taste up a notch.

With corn you most likely want to take the husk off and remove the tassles. I like to add just a touch of salt and pepper and then put the hust back on. Wrap with tin foil and put on the back of your grill.

Baby carrots are my favorite for grilling. Add a dash of butter to them and wrap with tin foil and you are all set. Once you can poke a toothpick in them easily, they are done.

Slicing cucumbers are great and something different that you don’t think about grilling. Just slice them up. Add a pinch of salt and after wrapping with tin foil, put on the back of the grill until soft.

Onions really taste quite different when cooked slowly over an open flame. They taste great when using a propane grill but using wood, especially mesquite will give them that awesome taste that you can’t get any other way. You can slice the large ones but the small baby onions, just wrap them up in tin foil and roast away.

Hot peppers will have a flavor that is a lot more hot tasting than normal. The capsaicin will cook into the peppers a lot more and raise the spiciness quite a lot.

Now your sweet peppers will won’t get hot as some people think when cooked over a grill. They don’t have the same capsaicin that hot peppers do. Their taste will be more sharp but in a different way.

You can slice potatoes or even cut them into cubes. You don’t want to put a huge potatoe over a grill and expect it to get done. The small baby or ‘new’ potatoes are fine to cook whole. Put your favorite seasoning on them and let them cook real slow.

Grilling Vegetables Conclusion

Try some of these vegetables this summer. Growing your own is a great way to surprise your guests with the awesome taste of freshly grilled food.

For more information on the growing part of vegetables, visit Just-John’s website and learn the basics of growing your own fresh, tasty vegetables.

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