How Outdoor Activities Reduce ADHD Symptoms

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It has been proven that those children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are getting great benefits outdoors. Research indicates that spending time outdoors can mitigate the severity of the symptoms of ADHD in kids. Green outdoor activities appear to reduce the symptoms which are a welcome treat to parents, family and even teachers of kids that have ADHD. Let’s explore the potentials of getting ADHD sufferers outdoors and reduce symptoms.

Green is good

According to the 2004 study published in the US National Center for Biotechnology Information exposure to natural or “green settings” can be widely effective in reducing symptoms of ADHD in child sufferers. The exposure did a great help to children compared to other settings. Most medications to ADHD can be effective but not to all sufferers. In cases that children are intolerant to ADHD medications it is best to include green setting as part of routine and at the same time reduce by one dose the medication. It seems that there is a beneficial association with outdoor play, green environment and ADHD.

Green gives focus

Children that are exposed to more grass and green-colored things outdoors tend to show more focus and improvement in concentration. The impulse control of the children showed dramatic improvement when exposed to green-filled sceneries. This gives parents a low-cost therapy and helps lower down the dependence on anti-ADHD medications which can be costly and could provide potential side-effects.

Green is it

Exposure to outdoor activity alone will not help ADHD sufferers. The scenery should be filled with green stuff. Research prior to the 2004 study showed that photos of green natural settings have been mitigating the effects and symptoms of ADHD sufferers. This study prompted imminent psychologists Drs. Andrea Taylor and Frances Kuo to study if exposing the children to a green natural environment can make a difference in the symptoms being experienced.

Green is great

The new study shows that green play setting is also helpful for children suffering from ADHD. Greener outdoor settings have a co-relation in bringing down symptoms and even enabled children to fully enjoy their activities outdoors. This is also true for children that have routinely been in the park at least once a week or have been playing at the backyard with a green setting several times a week. As outdoor activities especially those that are done in green setting, with trees and grasses all around reduce an individual’s anxiety, it is no longer surprising to know that it can also indeed help reduce ADHD symptoms in children.

Green is brilliant

Taylor and Kuo deducted that while the green is brilliant there is a need for further studies on how exposure to nature can taper the hyperactivity and help children to gain focus and better concentration. The good news is that there is a low-cost and natural solution to reducing ADHD symptoms. The only thing left to be settled is the mechanics and full understanding of the co-relation of green environments and ADHD.

ADHD can mess up the quality of life of young sufferers. It is best to find natural ways to combat this disorder. Nature has a way to heal people and this could be the first step to many towards a healthier body and successful life.

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