How to Build a Brick Barbecue

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This is not just a barbecue tip; it can be a barbecue revolution for you. Today I am going to show you how to put together all time southern barbecue chill and spend less than 250 dollars. But in less than 250 dollars you’re going to have over 20 sq feet of cooking capacity and this can last for decades for you.

Buying a Barbecue Grill by spending ten thousand dollars is not affordable with many of us. This article is for those people who cannot afford buying costly barbecue grills. It’s very easy and simple to build a barbecue chill by your own.

Nothing can be more satisfying than building a barbecue chill of your own design. A brick or stone barbecue is relatively inexpensive build and it will last for years.

To get started you will need the following tools and materials.

String Line


Hammer & Chisel

Safety Glasses

Work Gloves

You can purchase the tools and materials from a good retail store. Building brickbarbecueis easy and fun. In this article I will tell you how to build a brickbarbecuein a simple and easy method. One of the most important things you will be doing is to get the base squared up properly. Once you have chosen a site for yourbarbecuemark out the area using pegs and strings and build a solid foundation on which to live your bricks. We have used the premixed high-strength concrete which only requires the addition of clean water hard and level using wooden shattering. Ready to use multipurpose concrete could also be used. If you’re using a barbecue kit, it is a good idea to set out before you start building.

So that you have a good idea of how it goes together. Make sure the breaks are dry so that they enable correct bonding. Mark the area of the brick walls and prepare a mortar using any mortar mix which is ready to use and you just need to add water in it and mix it. Now blend sand, lime, cement and admixture together to produce the product. Spread a layer of freshwater on your line and lay the first course of bricks. Check the levels of the bricks and makes sure that the corners form right angles continue to add extra lays of bricks taking care of corners to be vertical and straight using a spirit level.

Adding strings we are bonding barbecue to the wall that we have already built. After lying five or six courses of bricks you may need to take a break from building in order to give mortar time to cure. Measure the required height of your charcoal triangle and insert four still pegs into the layer of the mortar to support them. We insert the pegs after the seventh and tenth courses. Do not test your tries until the mortar is able to support the weight. Complete the barbecue by adding two courses of bricks up of the grill supports. Using the pointing tool fill and point the joints in the brick work.

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