Maintaining your Gate Hinges

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Gate hinges are the most important part of a gate. You might not have noticed this before but hinges can easily become weakened over time, leading to it not functioning properly. When hinges are not maintained it is quite easy for bolts to start rusting and wood to begin rotting. Therefore it is very important for you to know what to do to prolong the lifespan of your gate.

When bolts start rusting or the wood at the hinges begins to decay gates can easily sag. Sagging is very irritating when you try to open a gate and the lower part scrapes against the ground. So many things can be done to prevent sagging and you will be delighted to know that you need not hire a repair man to do it for you. Anyway, you are gong to need oil/grease, fresh bolts, drill , a bolt unfastener and a flat plank.

Wooden Gate HingesLift the sagging part of the gate and place your flat plank under it. This minor task helps you to bring your two gates to a level height. With that done you must then unfasten the bolts at the hinge. After the bolt has been removed you must then take the drill and drill a fresh hole through the wood. By so doing you resuscitate the life of your gate and make it strong. Having done this it will be okay to release the plank and observe the significant impact of a simple bolt change.

However, simply changing the bolts will not do you any good if you plan to prevent future sagging. Like I mentioned before you must grease the wood to prevent rusting and rotting. Therefore pour some old car grease all over the joints and spread it around the outer edges. Believe it or not but this greasing can also kill termites that can eat way at your wood and eventually cause sagging. Therefore greasing achieves more tasks than one.  Or you could buy some heavy duty gate hinges.

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