Make A Tasty BBQ Marinade Using Nothing More Than A Food Processor

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The smoky smell of barbecue is one of the most delicious scents of the summer. There’s nothing quite like a rack of ribs or chicken that has been smothered in a tasty barbecue sauce. Instead of reaching for that pre-packaged bottle, why not try making it entirely from scratch? It’s actually tastier and fresher than bottled sauce and it’s totally free from additives and preservatives. Follow these easy steps for an out of this world barbecue sauce.

Source your ingredients

Before you can make your sauce you’ve got to get the right ingredients. The liquid base of a great barbecue sauce lies in melted butter, ketchup, water, and lemon juice. More flavor and coloration comes from your solid ingredients like green peppers, onions, and celery while extra kicks in flavor can be added with brown sugar, seasoning salt, and mustard powder. All of these ingredients can be found easily at your local grocery store or supermarket.

Get the right measurements

When it comes to measurements, it’s important to remember that liquids take precedence while solids add little hints of flavor. Water should measure around 1 cup while the rest of the liquid ingredients should be no larger than 2 tbs. Solid ingredients like the peppers and onions shouldn’t exceed 2 tbs while the seasoning should be kept to mere pinches. You can play with measurements according to your tastes but this might result in unevenness in the sauce’s texture.

Mix the ingredients in a food processor

There are some purists that insist on making barbecue sauce entirely by hand. This really isn’t necessary and it can result in a lot of dirty dishes and cleaning up. Make it simple by using a food processor to mix all of the ingredients. A processor will make sure that all of the solid ingredients are chopped well while the liquid ingredients are mixed effectively. By using a food processor, you can have a batch of fresh barbecue sauce in a matter of seconds!

So through away that pre-packaged sauce and go with something that’s tasty and homemade. As you can clearly see, all of the ingredients are fresh and your meat will taste that much better because of it. If you don’t own a food processor, check out for some great recommendations that can help you to make the most delicious barbecue sauces. Get out of your comfort zone and into a new flavor territory!



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