My Husband Loves His Old Smokey Barbecue Grills

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My husband and I recently became empty nesters, and it has been a huge change for us. We sometimes don’t know what to do with ourselves in our big empty house, or all of the extra money that we now have to spend on things. It is hard to know that our children will never live at home with us again, but at the same time it is great because all of our children still live in the same town as us. This allows us to be close to all of them, and play with our grandchildren all of the time.

My husband and I think that it is important to have our children over as much as we can, so we often invite them all over to dinner about once a week. We don’t expect them all to come every single time, but we normally have at least one child and their family come over. It is so fun just having dinner together, and catching up on everything. I think that getting together for a meal is wonderful, but it is even better in the summer time. My husband absolutely loves grilling more than anything, and he has two greatĀ Old Smokey barbecue grills.

He loves using hisĀ Old Smokey barbecue grills to cook with, and having two of them allows us to cook so much more food faster. My husband has become a barbecue master over the years, and the kids love eating anything and everything that he cooks on his Old Smokey barbecue grills. This last month my husband told me that he really wanted to have a big barbecue for our kids because he had some new things that he wanted to cook on his Old Smokey barbecue grills. I told him that this sounded like a wonderful plan, and that I would could be in charge of all of the side dishes. He said that would be great, and he said that we would just have to try out hardest to do it on a day that would allow all of our children to come.

Plans for the barbecue began, and we both felt like it was going to be a lot of fun. My husband showed me the foods that he was going to be cooking in his Old Smokey barbecue grills, and I told him that they sounded like they would be delicious. I also got to work calling all of our kids, and I told them the plans for our upcoming barbecue. We were able to find a day that they would all be able to come, and bring all of their families. This was great news to me, and I told my husband right away. He was stoked, and he told me that he really hoped the kids would like all of the food that he would be cooking on his Old Smokey barbecue grills.

I told my husband that he was an amazing cook, and that the kids would think the food that he barbecued would be absolutely delicious. He felt better after this, and he told me that he was definitely going to do his best to barbecue up a good meal. The day of the actual barbecue was so much fun, and the all of the kids came. The food that my husband barbecued in his Old Smokey barbecue grills was delicious, and everyone commented on how incredible it was. My husband was so happy that everyone really liked the food that he had made, and he told us that he would gladly barbecue for us whenever we would like. The kids loved this idea, and we set up another family barbecue right then and there!

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