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It is so rare to find people these days that are not living a hectic life. Most of us are juggling between too many responsibilities at home and in the workplace. All the stress and anxiety that we experience on a daily basis have prompted many of us to find ways to de-stress. Luckily, de-stressing these days does not necessarily mean going somewhere for an expensive vacation. We can still take a break from the stressful life that we are living in just by spending some time with our friends and loved ones. And, one of the best and most affordable ways to get together is to put our barbecue grills outside our homes and have fun while doing outdoor grilling. However, outdoor grilling can be synonymous to inviting the dangers of fire within our own backyard. This is why we came up with several helpful tips to ensure that safety will not be overlooked while everybody is enjoying each other’s company.

1. Prepare your fire extinguisher.

Each year, thousands of burned houses and injured people have been reported due to lack of adherence to fire safety guidelines when cooking outdoor. Before you set up everything for some cooking outside, make sure first that you have your fire extinguisher within your reach. This way, you can just easily grab it in case the fire suddenly becomes too difficult to control.

2. Read the manual.

Every type of grill may it be charcoal or gas, always comes with a manual the moment you buy it. Before you turn it on and before you start putting some coals on it read the manual first. Many people make the mistake of not reading the manual because they always think that their grilling equipment is so easy to operate. But, only to find out later that everything is not that easy and safe than they thought it would be. Before feeling sorry for everything, it would not hurt definitely to read the instructions. Reading the manual will enormously spare you from stress and anxiety of thinking how safe is your grilling equipment and your loved ones. If you cannot find the manual, visit the manufacturer’s website. You can find there the instructions as well as all the restrictions for your type of grill.

3. Place your grill in the proper location.

Placing the grill in the proper location can greatly save yourself and your loved ones from any dangers that the fire can cause. You must know exactly the minimum distance that you should have around your grilling equipment. It would also be wise to assess your griller or smoker and imagine the largest fire it can cause to your surroundings. Having this in mind, you may then place your grill or smoker in the safest location that you know. Keep it away from trees or any buildings lest these may catch some fire that may quickly spread to your surroundings. It should also be away from any kids playing around and from any people passing nearby.

These are just three of the most important safety tips to remember when cooking or doing some outdoor grilling. It is also best to have someone to act as fire marshal that will oversee the grill all throughout the cooking process and would immediately call 911 should an emergency occur.


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