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There’s nothing more fun than working outdoors on the patio and in the yard once the weather is nice. Even if you are expecting, there is casual wear suitable for gardening available. Just look for dungarees or maternity petite jeans. Particularly if you are pregnant, garden exercise can be a perfect activity for you.

If you have spent any time gardening, then there is a pretty good chance you have some old gardening equipment laying around. One great thing about that is, where there may be rules about how and where you plant your beloved plants, there are no rules on how you decorate your garden. If you happen to have an old wheelbarrow cluttering up your landscape, a little creativity can turn trash into treasure.

A wheelbarrow is almost designed to make the perfect planter. Some already have small holes drilled into the bucket to allow for drainage, but if yours does not. Go ahead and drill a few. If you do not have access to a drill, you can try hammering and removing several nails through the base of the bucket usually used for carrying stuff from point A to point B and you will have a nice base to begin filling with potting soil for your plants.

Wheelbarrow PlanterOnce you have adequate drainage, now you need to consider where you want to place your new wheelbarrow planter. Turning a wheelbarrow into a planter has a lot to do with function rather than form. Will the wheelbarrow be placed up against a solid structure like your home or a tree, or will it stand alone within the confines of your yard or garden? Either way, you will probably want to remove a substantial amount of air from the front tire. This will give your planter a more solid base on which to sit. Wheelbarrows already have a tendency to be a little top heavy even without all your beautiful flowers, so you want to make sure to give it a strong base. Removing air from the tire will help do just that. If the planter will be sitting on its own using no other support to help keep it up, you might even want to remove the front tire all together. You can always cut a small circle from some scrap wood to give the illusion of a front tire if you feel the need.

Next, you should look at staking your wheelbarrow into the ground. Some simple garden stakes or even old tent stakes should do the trick. Brand new they will not cost you more than a few dollars at the store and there is a good chance you may even have a few laying around already. Just hammer them into the ground where the metal supports of your wheelbarrow touch the ground.

The rest is up to you. Paint it, leave it to rust, let your imagination run wild. You are now ready to add soil and plant. Turning a wheelbarrow into a planter is the easy part. So easy in fact, that you may be surprised just how many items you begin to see that you can turn into fun and attractive planters that will make your neighbors jealous.

Having a touch of color from a beautiful wheelbarrow planter makes outdoor grilling and entertaining a delight.

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