Patio Umbrella Lights Add Pizzazz to Any Outdoor Eating Area

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Patio umbrella lights come in a variety of styles. Those lights are available in the form of a circular pole or a chandelier type. Additionally, outdoor lights modeled after strand lights can be purchased and used.  Lights on these umbrellas serve a decorative as well as functional purpose.

A light in the form of a circular pole for an umbrella stands alone. It holds small lights within the larger piece. This type of light is intended to wrap around an existing patio umbrella pole. The chandelier type of patio lighting is typically used with a wooden patio umbrella pole. Like the circular pole light, it wraps around the existing umbrella pole. Using a chandelier style outdoor light makes deck lighting seem more elegant. The chandelier style light starts at the center of the umbrella and wraps around the outside of it. There are several globes or sconces within the chandelier style light. Usually those lights can be dimmed for a very tasteful ambiance. Strand lights for the outdoors are strung around these contraptions. They are strung along the umbrella’s ribs. A significant difference between these lights and other outdoor lights is that they are less likely to use battery power.

Patio Umbrella LightsOnce one is familiar with the types of lights available, it is time to choose a style. The first thing to consider is how the lighting will be used. Will they be used for decoration or function? For example, although strand lights are flexible in their placement, they are not able to give off much light. A circular light will give off considerably more light than the other types, but they are limited to one section of the deck or patio.

A person looking to add lighting to an outdoor area needs to consider several factors. Those factors are: the purpose, the desired atmosphere, and how the light or lights will be powered. Make sure to look for bargains.

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