Plan Your Garden Light Design Before Buying

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Garden lighting is a very attractive type of landscape lighting that pretty much every homeowner should have. When they are looking to make their gardens look much better they will invariably turn to lighting options so they can light it up at night and make the neighbors jealous. But they quickly become disillusioned by the process and end up less than happy with their results. The reason for this is that they failed to plan their lightscape out and failed to establish in their mind’s eye what they really wanted to accomplish.

How To Plan Your Garden Lighting Design

The first thing you need to do is to go through landscape magazines and rip out the pictures of lighted gardens that appeal to you. Another way to go is to carry a camera with you when you drive around and if you happen upon a home that has nice landscape lighting, you take a picture of it. By doing both, you establish a bank of pictures of what you want to do with your garden.

The next step is to decide on how your pictures might fit into your own landscape. As you might guess, no two landscapes are alike. So some ideas will not work as well as others. You will then have to balance the needs of design and beauty and the need for security. Each type of lighting requirement will require a different type of lighting (i.e. – solar garden lights)

Once you have planned out how it will look, you will then need to go about getting these different lights. Depending on what stores you go to, they will have a variety of lights available which may or may not include the lights that you were looking for. The big department stores will have a larger selection to choose from than the smaller boutique places but the smaller stores may have unique pieces that the larger ones don’t carry .

Remember, if you properly plan out your garden lighting and you will not be disappointed.

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