Portable Gas Grills

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Gas grills have become more popular than their electric or charcoal grill counterparts in recent years, for a number of reasons.

  • Easier setup and quicker cleanup than a charcoal grill
  • Quick on/off heat
  • Easy temperature control
  • Reduced flare-ups

These advantages can be particularly enjoyable when grilling away from home. On the beach, at a park, or camping, dealing with still smoldering coals before heading home can be quite troublesome and dangerous.  You are either putting yourself at risk by putting a used grill with the residue of charcoal ashes in your car or you are waiting around for hours on end to ensure that your fire is truly out.

In spite of these obvious advantages, many people say that gas grills give grilled food a noticeable taste from the gas, which detracts from the flavor of the food. Having used both for many years, I have never experienced this, but you’ll need to decide for yourself.

Many high-quality portable gas grills are made of all stainless steel parts, which can mean years of reliable service from the grill. This also makes cleaning a simple chore, since rusting is not a concern. The grill can be cleaned with hot soapy water, or even a pressure washer, leaving it like new for the next use.  We recommend doing a once a year full scrub of the grill at the beginning of grill season – its a great way to kick off BBQ time!

Gas grills offer many convenient features, but it’s important to remember that they can also present unique dangers to the uninitiated. When lighting, whether with a match or with an integrated ignitor, one should never allow the gas flow to continue for more than a few seconds, if it fails to light. Wait for a minute or two, allowing the accumulated gas to dissipate, so as to avoid an explosion. And NEVER allow children to operate a gas grill, as they could be seriously injured.

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