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It’s summertime now which means it’s time  for some outdoor grilling in the backyard. Grab some hamburgers, steaks, corn and a few hot dogs and something cold to drink and you are all set. Good fun, but only if you have enough propane gas in your tank.

I think it has happened to everyone by now. You get all set for your cookout. You’ve been soaking the ribs, marinating the steak, got all the fix-ins ready and your favorite beverage on ice. Friend start coming over, you fire up the grill and begin your masterpiece. After a little while you check your flame and it’s gone. You kick the tank, try to restart, scratch your head and begin to hear the murmurs of your guests. And then that sinking feeling comes over you. You’re out of gas. So now you are embarrassed and crawling under the grill to get the tank so you can go refill it or exchange it.

This has happened to me before too. After that embarrassing episode, I decided to get a propane tank gauge. This was real easy. I shopped around online, read a few reviews and settled on one that cost just under $20. I had my new gauge in time for the weekend and no worries any more.

propane tankNow running out of propane gas is pretty bad, but you know what is worse? Overpaying for a tank of gas. Let’s face it, we get lazy and will either head to the store down the street or the nearest refill station. Hell times are tough and I hate over spending.

You should always compare propane gas prices. With just a little effort on your part, you can save a few bucks each time you fill up.

These days it seems to be easier to exchange a tank and check prices. At most large grocery stores and home improvement centers, you will see some sort of tank exchange. You will see a price for a straight up exchange of your empty for a full one. If you don’t already have a tank, the price of a tank filled will propane will naturally cost more.

When you are out and about doing errands or shopping, take a look at one of these exchange places and just make a note of the price. This way you know where to go when you run out of gas next time.

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