Repelling Pigeons from your Balcony

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There are many pests in the world and some are harder to manage than others. Pigeons can become a pest that can overwhelm you if you don’t take control. Pigeons can often be found roosting on the tops of houses and buildings, and more commonly a balcony. Pigeons can make a mess out of your balcony and even ruin some of your decorations. Pigeon excrement is toxic and can harm plants, pets, and even small children. They will even lay eggs on your balcony and try to make your balcony their home. It is important to take charge of your pigeon problem early in order to keep it under control. Here are some methods that will help to keep pigeons away from your balcony.

A simple method to help repel pigeons from your balcony involves CDs and some string or fishing line. You want to use the string to hang your old CDs from the ceiling of your balcony. The CDs will spin and reflect the sun’s light which will deter pigeons from landing on your balcony. This method is effective but the pigeons may get used to it so it is important to have a backup plan.

You can use statues to keep those pesky pigeons from landing on your balcony. Certain statues modeled after predators like Cats, Owls, and Falcons can help to repel pigeons. Some of these even make noise, light up, and move around to help scare off the pigeons. Again, this is one of the preventative methods that the pigeons can get use to over time.

One of the most effective ways for keeping pigeons from landing on your balcony is having pigeon spikes installed. These spike can be installed on your railing and building in the places the pigeons will land. The spikes are just a few inches long and will successfully deter the pigeons from landing. The pigeons will see the spikes when flying near and realize it is not safe to land which will cause them to move on to another place.

It is important to take care of a pigeon problem early as they are full of diseases and can carry other pests. If you find that a pigeon has laid an egg on your balcony it is important to get rid of it immediately or the pigeons will return. Not only is pigeon excrement gross and a pain to clean up, it is also toxic and harmful to pets and small children.

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