Char Broil Silver Smoker


Char Broil welcomes you to barbecuing like the pros with the Silver Smoker. This grill represents our mid size smoker BBQ. Almost everything you’ve seen on cooking shows or tasted in your favorite […]

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The Added Benefits Of Grilling Your Food

Outdoor Grilling Tips
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Have you ever wondered what the difference was between grilling and just plain barbecuing? Aren’t they pretty much just two words to explain the same activity? Well, not quite as it turns out. Barbecuing purists will tell you that to barbecue you need to cook meat at lower temperatures over indirect heat, with the lid […]

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What Is Outdoor Grilling?

Outdoor Grilling
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Grilling outdoors has been around longer than recorded history and will probably be practiced until the end of man. There’s nothing quite like grilling a nice juicy steak in the great outdoors and then getting to enjoy it in the peace and quiet of nature. Grilling is a great way to cook just about any […]

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