The Blacktop 360 Outdoor Party Hub Grill-Fryer is the Ideal Portable Outdoor Grill

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When it comes to backyard parties with your friends orfamily, it is never complete without a grill or a deep fryer. Moreover, for such outdoor parties, it is always wise to opt for a portable grill with multiple functionality. The Blacktop 360 Outdoor Party Hub Grill-Fryer is ideal for such outdoor parties since it offers numerous options to its users.

The Blacktop 360 is not only infrared grill but it is also a deep fryer as well as a griddle, all packed into one. This grill is not only versatile but it is also powerful as well as portable which makes it ideal not only for outdoor parties but also ideal for cooking up a storm while tailgating at your favorite events.

The combination of three different cooking features in one particular grill makes it ideal for social cooking. The Blacktop 360 offers its users 452 square inches of cooking surface which is simply incredible. Since this particular grill does not require any kind of special assembly it saves precious time for you to start cooking your favorite grilled food or your deep fried favorites instantly. Moreover, it is quite easy to fold up the grill and put it inside a storage bag and start off on your next destination or clean up your outdoor home party quickly.

The Awesome Features of the Blacktop 360 Outdoor Party Hub Grill-Fryer

This is a feature-packed multi-purpose grill. Here are some of its most notable features:

  • 24k BTU which is quite impressive for a portable grill
  • The Fryer, Grill and Griddle all have different and independent temperature controls
  • The portable grill provides a temperature of 650 degree Fahrenheit
  • The burner is of stainless steel construction
  • Integrated warming plate allows you to keep food warm for longer period
  • The portable grill offers an electronic pulse ignition system which is safe for users
  • The Blacktop 360 offers tool holders integrated to the grill with insulated handles

The Blacktop 360 also offers a ceramic and stainless steel infrared burner which ensures enhanced performance for the grill. The cooking surface of the Blacktop 360 grill is composed of double porcelain enamel which increases its durability. This turns out to be quite effective when you are looking for a grill which would serve you well for your road trips. The rubber feet on the Blacktop 360 offers stability since you might need to set up the grill on quick notice while tailgating where stability of the grill turns out to be quite important.

The option of adding a hose to the Blacktop 360 for a 20 pound propane tank is an added advantage for many. While designing the Blacktop 360, the designers kept in mind all the different types of safety and maintenance features and added the insulated oil holder as well as the drain channel to the cooking surface to ensure safe and clean cooking for the users. The accessories, which includes the liquid catch bottle, storage bag, slosh ring, cutting board, thermometer and three position cover , will surely help you to cook your favorite food on this portable grill without any kind of fuss.

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