Top 3 Best Grill Cover Brands

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One of the best ways to keep your outdoor grill looking new and clean, is to keep it under a grill cover. The best grill cover is easy to put on and will protect your grill from the weather and other things. If you don’t have a covered patio or a shed you can keep your grill in, you can greatly benefit from a cover. Even if you have a safe covered place to keep your grill, a grill cover can still help you to keep your equipment in in great shape. There are many different brands of grill covers but I made sure to grab the best ones I could find for this list. One thing you want to look at is the size of your grill, and get a cover that will fit nicely. The most common size is a 58″ cover for a grill, and the second most common is the next size up at 72″.

Top 3 Best Grill Cover Brands

Classic Accessories Grill Cover

best grill coverClassic Accessories makes a a large variety of products including an excellent line of grill covers. They make covers in all shapes and sizes to cover your outdoor equipment and furniture. This Veranda barbecue grill cover comes in a few different sizes so you can get one to fit almost any grill. This is the best grill cover brand that makes covers for everything you need.

This grill cover is very well priced, and you won’t spend a lot, even if you need the larger sizes. This cover will protect your grill from water and weather. This grill cover is easy to fit on and has an elastic hem cord to adjust the tightness.

Rating: 5 Stars

Value: 4.5 Stars

Char-Broil Grill Cover

best grill coversIf you have a Char-Broil grill you may want to get their accessories to match. This Char-Broil rip-stop grill cover is a very heavy duty cover that comes in a few different sizes. You can choose your sized based on how many burners your grill has, but the sizes range from about 53″ – 62″ so this isn’t meant for extra large grills.

I like the fitting of this cover, especially over a Char-Broil grill. This cover straps on the size and is easy to put on your grill. This cover is very well priced and can be purchased without breaking the bank. The grill cover is made from heavy duty polyester and is coated in PE. This is the best grill cover for a Char-Broil grill.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Value: 4.5 Stars

Garden Home Outdoor Grill Cover

cheap grill coversGarden Home makes some great quality grilling accessories, and their line of grill covers is great. They even make a camo cover which is the best grill cover for hiding your grill in the bushes. This grill cover is heavy duty and does a great job protecting your grill from the elements. I also like the larger zipper pocket on the front.

This is one of the cheaper grill covers I have used, but it works very well. You can get this cover in a few different sizes to cover almost any size grill. If you are looking for something very low priced that is very universal, this may be your best option. This should work with any brand grill and works great with car style grills.

Rating: 4 Stars

Value: 5 Stars

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