Ways To Reduce Your Food Expenses

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Many people shopping for food today are often visited by this feeling that just a decade ago they could buy a lot more food than they are able to today, for the same amount of money.Since 2000, the US dollar has gone down in value by about 8%. However, food prices have seen an increase well above this rate.Overall, in the decade-long period from 2000-2011, food prices have risen about 25%. In the same period, inflation of the US dollar rose to over 8%.

Americans currently pay a quarter more for our food than what we used to pay back in 2000. As the above statistics show, inflation only explains one third of this increase. According to market analysts, we will have to hold gas prices to account for the steep rise in the rest. Increase in gas prices means that the transportation of food has become costlier than ever and the prices on grocery shelves reflects this. Go BudgetingSpending with care should be the new mantra for the American shopper looking to soften the blow of food prices. Try to work within a tight budget and look to take advantage of the best deals. Below are a few strategies which may help you mitigate to some extent the staggering rises in the costs of food.Shop for Off BrandsShoppers have a tendency to go for brand names. However, you can save a good deal on your food bill if you shop for off brands. This does not mean you would be cutting corners. Compare the ingredients and you will find that you will be getting, if you chose to shop for off brands, almost the same thing for a fraction of the price of the well-known brand or products. Plan Meals in AdvancePlanning your meals in advance often helps to cut food expenses because you can set a goal to only purchase what ingredients you need for your weekly meals. Choose your recipes or meals, be they an evening grilling out, or a picnic in the park, then write down all the individual food items you’ll need. Don’t vary once you get to the grocery store! Keeping a written journal on your favorite recipes and weekly grocery totals will also help you see how you are spending your money.Go ThriftyShop more from the discounted food outlets. These outlets will store discounted products from cheaper name and off brands. You can reduce your food bills up to 20%. A great place to find these kinds of deals is at at online grocery store such as www.shopfoodex.com. Cut CouponsDiligent shoppers also look out for discount coupons to reduce their food bills. Lyz Lenz, a well-known Mom blogger, found that she saved $50-$75 on average, every week by making good use of coupons. Coupons can be found everywhere from foodie magazines to coupon websites. If you have a favorite brand of food, visit their website, they often have coupons available for download and printing.Do Bulk ShoppingGet a membership to stores which offer deep discounts for bulk shopping. Both online groceries and regular grocery stores offer such discounts. Keep an eye out and you may save huge.

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